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  27 Apr 2014 09:37

Video: "The unridables 2"

Deze spraakmakende documantaire volgt de carrieré van Wayne Rainey.

The eagerly awaited follow-up to the hugely popular Unrideables profiling the amazing career of Wayne Rainey.

Doohan, Lawson, Mamola, Schwantz and Gardner made their marks on racing but even amongst these giants of the sport Rainey stood proud.

Week-in-week-out, the riders engaged in high pressure wheel-to-wheel battles at some of the most iconic race circuits across the globe.

Rewards for success were huge but the price to be paid for getting things wrong was severe – Schwantz broke both wrists, Doohan shattered his leg and Wayne Rainey, who tasted success more than most, now has to use a wheelchair following a horrific crash at Misano.

This is the story of Rainey’s adrenaline fuelled career with input from friends, rivals, managers, journalists and the man himself.

Uitgever: Dukevideo

Taal: Engels gesproken.

Te bestellen op dvd of als download via DEZE link

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